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Perfect for fans of Lizzy Legend and the Baseball Genius series, this quick-paced, heartfelt novel follows a speedy kid from an unconventional family who will do whatever it takes to win an international track contest.


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Lizzy Trudeaux loves basketball. She doesn’t have much money – her sneakers are held together with duct tape – but she has access to the community court and she practices constantly. After fighting to join the boy’s team at her school, Lizzy is finally given the opportunity to show off her hard-earned skills.

When she answers what she believes is another bill collecting phone call, Lizzy receives a magical wish: the ability to sink every shot. Pure Swish.

Now eviscerating the competition in the boy’s league is small potatoes—she has the skills to dominate in the pros…

*Reviews For Lizzy Legend

“The best sports book I’ve read in years.  A must-read for every young athlete.”

-Mimi Riley, Director of Women’s Basketball Operations, Villanova University

“The banter is fast and sassy, and chapter inserts in which myriad voices breathlessly create her legend are funny and believable. This sports fantasy will give middle-graders something to dream about…”
– The Center for Children’s Books

“Debut author Smith firmly roots this story of wish fulfillment in the contemporary basketball world, with all of the fast-paced excitement and chance for individual glory. Though tales of fame and fortune all too often pit BFFs against each other, Lizzy’s best bud Toby is instead along for the ride, nearly stealing every scene he’s in with his comic banter. Documentary-style cutaways to interviews with key players, along with short chapters and a balance of well-paced action and heart, give this sports story wide appeal. Hand to the kids who can’t stop arguing over Steph versus LeBron.”

“The narrative, broken into four “Quarters,” takes place in the not-too-distant past, with Lizzy narrating engagingly from the present. It’s ludicrous—and a whole lot of fun . . . an enjoyable sports fantasy”
Kirkus Reviews

“Lizzy is an amazingly strong character…The writing is sophisticated and clever, with a bit of humor.” -*Starred Review, Youth Services Book Review

“Lizzy Legend is perfect for reluctant readers looking for some girl power, a little magic, and plenty of great friendships!”

“I loved this book. I have never been a big basketball fan, but my son started playing this year and I have found myself immersed in the world of dribbles and hoops. I learned a few things about the game reading this book that I didn’t know, and I fell in love with Lizzy and her determination to succeed.”
-The Monitor (Texas)




Based on a true story, this is one of those rare books that, in just a few minutes, will transform the way you see the world around you, beginning with the simplest, most ordinary, most overlooked of things: the spaces between your fingers.

The story inspired The Spaces Between Your Fingers Project, a nonprofit that helps people with Alzheimer’s pass on their memories by writing them on postcards and mailing them to their kids and grandkids.

*100% of author royalties are donated to fund SBYF Project writing programs.